• Clothes dryer for quick drying  
    • Standard drying time: 60 minutes, saving energy up to 35%  
    • Drying in constant temperature: 65-75 degree Celsius, circular flow, drying fast  
    • Automatic timer and fuse switch, safe operating is assured in case of nobody  
    • Killing bacteria of clothes  
    • Mini size but large capacity: maximum clothes capacity is up to 10kg per time  
    • Innovative heating technology: PTC heating technology changes the traditional heating way.  
    • Strong and elegant bracket is equipped  
    • Easy for carrying on and installation  
    • Mechanical timer of 180 minutes, strong enough for long life  
    • Suitable for hotels, beauty salon laundry, school dormitory  
    1. Novel heating techniques:
    The heater consists of top quality heating element, which is different from traditional method, with double protection, the    unit can operate 600 hours non-stop.
    2. Multi-angle air supply:
      Ventilate and dry the clothes with a 360 degree air outlet.
    3. Efficient sterilization:
       Inner temperature can reach 70oC, and removing more than 99.3% bacteria.
    4. Environmental friendly & energy saving:
       It only takes 60 minutes to dry the clothes, cut down drier time by half, and 35%energy saving than traditional dryer.
    5. Statical operation:
     To avoid getting wrinkled, the unit employs vertical hanging design, which can protect the clothes well and no need to        iron.
    6. Elegant & portable:
       Smart appearance but large capacity, easy to install and dismantle. Suitable for business trip, journey, home etc.
    7.  Multi-function and applications:
       Clothes dryer, hats holder, heater, removable wardrobe, portable chest
    Rated voltage
    110~250V - 50~60Hz
    Rated power
    Net weight
    Gross Weight
    Color of machine
    Color of cover
    Material of cover
    Imported PU coating oxford fabric
    Materialof machine
    Cover of machine is EXCELLENT QUALITY EGNEERING PLASTIC, Some support for the aluminum alloy
    Optional function
    Circular dryers can increase the aroma function, UV sterilization function, and anion.
    Cover Size
    Color box size
    Machine Size