This is the ultimate Christmas Gift for any one looking to celebrate.
The battery operated corkscrew is an all in one device that makes bottle opening quick and easy. It has everything in it from foil removal to the bottle opening itself. Just align the corkscrew over the bottle, then hold it down to give it a good lock and press the glory button that ends would end your frustration then watch in amazement how easy the cork is removed from the bottle and into this gadget. Getting the cork out of the gadget is also as easy as pushing the button and after that, you’ll be set again to open another bottle. The included table stand also doubles up as a foil cutter that removes the foil easily for even faster cork opening process.

Powered by 4 AA batteries (which isn’t included in the package), it would be very much light and can be brought anywhere else. This device would be perfect for any household and could be used by a wine drinking young adult to grannies wanting a glass of wine for good health. I could just imagine the convenience that this device could bring!

Material: ABS

Battery: 4pcs Alkaline "AA"battery

Piece Weight: 0.46kg


(1) Electric wine opener with foil cutter.

(2) Easy to use, takes only 7-8 seconds to open the cork. The cork is automatically pulled out and released.

(3) Batteries-operated, non-rechargeable, use 4pcs alkaline "AA" battery.
(4) Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles.
(5) Open 100 bottles for full batteries.

How to use:

(1) Handy foil cutter removes seal.

(2) Wine opener penetrates cork.

(3) Cork is automatically removed from the bottle.

(4) Cork is ejected.

[Box Package Size (cm): 28.2*9.2*10.3
N.W: 5.0kg
G.W: 6.0kg]